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Creator : fairry
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School Playlist
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Movies for School Project
Creator : Gabs
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Sick and twisted Thrillers/horrors
Definitely some great twisted story lines,and some scenes that may offend and cause distress to viewers,in reality, they should... Movies not on this site include: The Girl Next Door,Mom and Dad
Creator : dantedark
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No Description
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These are primarily all PG18 movies. Also some Movies not avail on this site Warhouse,Cabin Fever 3 Patient Zero,Devils Due,Collapse
Creator : dantedark
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THRILLERS for thrillseekers(action
NOT gory horror type thrillers.More action/adventure/drama. I'm attempting to break up movies into smaller genres for those who are looking for specific TYPES like I do at times. Movies not on
Creator : dantedark
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MissCaty: I love this film!
Thejunker90: Try this one guys.
broham712: this movie sucked!!!!!
newberry8950: not in english
metalheadlouis: Why the low scores??? This movie was awesome. For those who expect an epic sci-fi wont like it, but ..
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